AI and Gamification Meets Healthcare ICO

AI and Gamification Meets Healthcare Hot

Wellchain is lowering the cost of healthcare using the blockchain.

ICO Details

Starting date
June 17th, 2024
Ending date
January 1st, 2025
Token Sale Hard Cap
$ 1,000,000
Token Sale Soft Cap
$ 200,000
Presale Start Date
May 27th, 2024
Presale End Date
May 31st, 2024
Token Symbol
Token Type
ERC-20; Base
Token Distribution
Seed 5%
Public 25%
Marketing 10%
Airdrops 5%
Ecosystem 25%
Team 10%
Advisors 5%
Liquidity 10%
Treasury 5%
Initial Token Price
0.02 USD
Participation Restrictions
$1,000 Min Investment; US investors must be accredited.

We're developing an enhanced care coordination App. Wellchain will be the first to quantify someone's comprehensive health status. Through a patent-pending method of record scanning using AI, OCR and a weighted index, a score (we call Pytho) results. The Pytho score is a quantified snapshot used for triage (prioritization). This helps with resource management (as with staffing) and improves a hospital's efficiency. In addition to prioritizing patient care, a patient's condition can be tracked over time and displayed as a Status Change Index (% of improvement or decline over time). This allows for comparison between patients and even facilities. It can tell us if a facility’s operations are improving or worsening. As an added benefit, we can identify trends like nosocomial (hospital-spread) infections and give early alerts as to the causal agent and location within a facility. One of the key features is the ability to track patient compliance using the blockchain. Attractive incentives will be issued to the patient for complying with a provider’s treatment plan (hence the gamification aspect). Compliance points are earned, and patients compete either with themselves or others. All of this results in better patient outcomes while driving down the cost of healthcare. There is one version for the facility and one for the patient and both are integrated on the back end. Other features include telemedicine, team communications, reporting, reminders, alerts, scheduling, and medical record access. We believe in the ability of decentralization to empower the next generation of healthcare.

Core Team

Paul Roberts
CEO, Cofounder

Arun Negashwar

Utsav Popli

Adam Waldenberg