Animal Concerts ICO

Animal Concerts Hot

We host large scale concerts for top artists, in stadiums and streaming online to an audience of millions around the world. Empowering the music industry to create new revenue streams through our online marketplace and cryptocurrency.

ICO Details

Starting date
July 28th, 2021
Ending date
September 30th, 2021
Token Sale Hard Cap
Token Sale Soft Cap
$ 25,000,000
Token Symbol
Animal Concerts
Token Type
Token Distribution
50% Booking bands and artists, creating unique experiences and events for fans to remember forever. The best artists cost millions!

25% of the funds will be used to add new products and services and perform upgrades to the system, which includes team recruiting, training, and the development budget.

15% will be used for Animal marketing, including continuous promotion and education of our platform and protocol and blockchain innovations in industry mediums. Including various advertising activities, to grow Animal brand loyalty with bands, artists, fans and investors, attracting THE BEST artists to the platform.

10% will be kept in reserve.
Initial Token Price
Participation Restrictions
Not Available to US Citizens, Residents or Card holders. Minimum Investment $1000 USD.

Worldwide Concert Streaming

With declining album sales, the increase in streaming and limited touring capacity, artists’ revenues have been declining sharply, yet fans are starved for interaction and are looking for a more personal connection with their beloved musicians. Events globally are moving online – especially in the last year. The Belgian mega rave Tomorrowland went online in 2020 and sold over 1 Million tickets. People threw parties in their houses, invited their friends and partied like they were there. This is now becoming mainstream and the potential here is enormous. Animal Concerts is a division of Animal Entertainment Group that capitalises on the traditional concert model and gives it new life through integrating blockchain and other digital technologies.

This includes:

+ Focusing on online streaming and LIVE concerts to mass audiences
+ VIP passes to the in-person concerts - auctioned as digital collectibles
+ Sponsorships & Partnerships
+ Marketing, Data & Advertising opportunities

OUR SOLUTION We will host concerts for big name artists and stream it online to an almost limitless audience globally. We are creating brand new revenue streams for artists, and new and interesting ways for fans to interact with them – bringing artists and fans together we are solving the problem from both sides. We already have agreements with several household names.

- Creating new opportunities for musicians to interact with and generate new revenues from their most passionate followers.

- We book A-List artists who promote our concerts to their followers, exposing millions to our platform, marketplace and token.

- Concerts will stream on Metaverses from our partners such as Second Life, Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, Sandbox & Somnium Space - who have active userbases of millions

- 360° cameras on stage coupled with a VR headset gives vans an immersive experience like never before from the comfort of their own home.

Core Team

Colin Fitzpatrick
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Neil Batchelor
Chief Operating Officer

Mitch Hamilton
Founder and Chief Product Officer

Alee Abbasi
Chief Technology Officer

George Varghese
Chief Compliance Officer

Asif Vayani
Chief Marketing Officer

Alfonso Mena
Chief Financial Officer
Director of Investor Relations

Roger Samuel
Blockchain Manager

Leon Philbert
Partnerships Manager