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Smart Contract Powered Retirement Plans ** Update** ICO sale has ended and now are listed on HitBTC and more underway!!

ICO Details

Past, Trading
Starting date
April 10th, 2018
Ending date
April 20th, 2018
Token Sale Hard Cap
$ 20000000
Token Sale Soft Cap
$ 3000000
Presale Start Date
October 3rd, 2017
Presale End Date
October 6th, 2017
Token Symbol
Token Type
ERC-20 Ethereum
Token Distribution
51% Token Sale
18% Reserve for Future Stakeholders
9% Partnership and Advisors
2% Bounties
20% Team
Initial Token Price
2000 AUC = 1 ETH
Participation Restrictions
USA, China, Singapore, Kuwait, South Korea

Auctus is the world's first blockchain based retirement plan platform, which allows users to create diversified portfolios, consisting of traditional asset classes and cryptocurrencies. Auctus' mission is to empower the retirement saver and provide the information needed to take well-informed decisions by utilizing Ethereum smart contracts and robo advisory.

The Auctus Platform is a global smart contract-based retirement and goal-based saving platform with specialized portfolio management services for traditional equity and bond investments, as well as cryptocurrency investments.

The platform provides the user an aggregated view of all retirement savings, from government regulated IRA/401k plans, voluntary traditional retirement plans, as well as crypto wallets. Only by having this holistic view, well informed decisions and a professional long-term strategy can be established.


Smart Contract Powered Fee Structure
Blockchain Robo and Human Advisor Tracking Record
Fee transparency
Decentralization of ownership, decision making and operational processes

Core Team

Raphael Vantroost

Daniel Duarte

Vinicius Melo
Head of Strategy

Ludmila Lopes
Head of Marketing

Daniel Boaventura
Head of Operations

Felipe Silveira
Project Manager

Thiago Ara├║jo
Lead Developer

Guilherme Gusman
Senior Software Engineer

Ariny Guedes
Lead Etherereum Engineer

Daniel Vitorino
Senior Software Architect

Advisory Team

Martijn van Eck

Eric Paley

Philippe Castonguay

Steven Clark

Adam Greetis