BeNFT brings an innovative way to use NFT’s combining our $BeNFT coin and BeNFT Token to create a bridge between Web2.0 and Web3.0.

ICO Details

Starting date
November 17th, 2022
Ending date
Token Sale Hard Cap
$ 10.5% of 7 million
Token Sale Soft Cap
$ 10.5% of 7 million
Token Symbol
Token Type
Utility token Solana
Token Distribution
30% B2B Staking
29.5% Coin Sale (Round 2)
12.5% Team
10.5% Coin Sale (Round 1)
10% Capital Reserve
5% Marketing
2.5% Protect & Burn
Initial Token Price
1 Token = 0.30 USD
Participation Restrictions
Yes only
Credit Card, Google Pay, Apple pay, USDT-ERC-20 erc2 on the site

Our smart contract is built on the Solana platform making it cost-effective and time efficient. BeNFT brings to the table a fully-tested employee reward/gamification platform that generates Soulbound NFT’s which can be gifted by an employer as a form of employee recognition/incentivization.

NFT owners can accrue the tokens linked to the NFT’s then exchange them for physical products within our GMT Marketplace or convert them to Fiat. We have taken this concept to the next level by building an e-Learning platform where certificates of completion are actually Soulbound NFT’s, revolutionizing the corporate e-Learning environment.

Our vision is to use NFT technology to de-centralize day-to-day activities so that both employers and employees have full control over their incentives, accomplishments and rewards at all times by using a fast, secure and inexpensive all-inclusive platform.

Core Team

Mitch Chester
Managing Director

Theo Ratcliffe
PR Director

Juan Pablo Granados
Ops Director

Jose Borbon
Marketing Director

Carlos Melendez
Legal and Compliance

Miranda Reinke
Design Director

Moises Espinoza
B2B Director

Guillermo Gharib
Financial Director