CAIZ is poised for public listing on April 4, 2024, across more than 50 exchanges, advancing its mission to offer a Sharia-compliant financial ecosystem. This move underscores their commitment to providing clients with access to fair, ethical financial products and fostering economic stability for all users.

ICO Details

Starting date
June 1st, 2021
Ending date
October 31st, 2021
Token Sale Hard Cap
€ 8000000
Token Sale Soft Cap
€ 40000000
Token Symbol
Token Type
ERC-20 Etherium Blockchain
Token Distribution
Token sales program 80 %
Pre sale 5 %
Reserve fund 4 %
Team and founders 10 %
Marketing and bounty 1 %
Initial Token Price
1 token = 1.80 USD
Participation Restrictions

About CAIZ
CAIZ represents a groundbreaking step in the fusion of traditional Islamic finance principles with the innovative world of blockchain technology. It is an ethical and morality-based cryptocurrency ecosystem that adheres to Sharia law, aiming to bring financial freedom and inclusivity to its users while maintaining a strong foundation in Islamic values.
Central to the CAIZ ecosystem is its unique "DeCe" model, a visionary blend of decentralized and centralized financial systems. This combination ensures a harmonious balance of control, security, transparency, and speed, addressing the needs of a diverse user base. Moreover, CAIZ introduces the Islamic Federated Byzantine Agreement (IFBA), a significant blockchain advancement that guarantees compliance with Fiqh, the Islamic legal framework.
The CAIZ token functions as a versatile digital currency within the CAIZ ecosystem. It's not just a medium of exchange in the CAIZchain. The token's primary role is to facilitate access to the various applications, products, and services available within the ecosystem, which includes trading, participation in CAIZearn, and unlocking premium features.
The ecosystem of CAIZ is extensive and ever-evolving, featuring components such as CAIZstable, CAIZgold, CAIZchain, CAIZwallet, CAIZapp, CAIZcard, CAIZnft, and more. Each element of this ecosystem is designed to uphold the highest standards of ethical compliance and security, ensuring a seamless and safe experience for all users.
A key aspect of the CAIZ ecosystem is the CAIZearn Program. This program is an innovative approach that allows holders of CAIZ tokens to earn additional tokens while enhancing the ecosystem's stability and accessibility. It utilizes a liquidity pool to ensure smooth transactions across various markets, further bolstering the ecosystem's growth and stability.
CAIZ's commitment to providing ethical and secure financial solutions is evident through its rigorous testing and certifications by independent audit organizations. This commitment extends to compliance with global standards, including KYC and AML protocols, EU Crypto legislation, and GDPR, making CAIZ a benchmark in ethical cryptocurrency practices.
CAIZ really offers a unique, Sharia-compliant financial ecosystem that integrates the best features of decentralized and centralized systems, underpinned by a commitment to transparency, ethics, and security. This innovative approach positions CAIZ as a key player in the domain of ethical and inclusive financial solutions.