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Cloudbric: Secure Your Blockchain Experience

Starting date

October 22nd, 2018

Ending date

October 31st, 2018


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Cloudbric is a decentralized universal security platform featuring enterprise-grade website, mobile device and crypto asset security, as well as access to a community driven threat intelligence database all powered through a new AI-based technology called VISION.
Their goal is to secure the entire blockchain experience for users and businesses alike so that they can help further encourages the widespread adoption of this great technology to masses.
All cyber threat data compiled by Cloudbric's award winning security detection engine will be decentralized and made accessible in the form of free-to-use security resources found on Cloudbric Labs (beta version accessible) to help spark innovation by developers and the wider security community.
Furthermore, by contributing anonymous cyber attack logs to VISION, users will be able to further train Cloudbric's deep learning module for more advanced learning and detection capabilities. Users will then be rewarded with free CLB token distributions for their security contributions.

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Token Sale Hard Cap
ETH 28,800
Token Sale Soft Cap
$ N/A
Presale Start Date
August 23rd, 2018
Presale End Date
September 1st, 2018
Token Symbol
Token Type
Token Distribution
Cloudbric will create approximately 1,000,000,000 CLB (1 billion CLB) for maximum supply
44% or 440,000,000 CLB (440 million CLB) will be allocated for Token Sales events
25% or 250,000,000 CLB (250 million CLB) will be allocated for the Cloudbric Security Rewards Program, as well as additional internal service management or operational costs
16% or 160,000,000 CLB (160 million CLB) will be allocated for the core Cloudbric team and advisors
10% or 100,000,000 CLB (100 million CLB) will be allocated as an investment reserve (i.e. potential exchange listing, strategic partnerships, etc.)
5% or 50,000,000 CLB (50 million CLB) will be allocated for potential short and long term marketing efforts to help promote CLB tokens
Initial Token Price
0.00008 ETH
Participation Restrictions
United States & People's Republic of China
Core Team

Tj Jung
CEO & Founder

Joey Song
Chief Operating Officer

Peter Cha
Chief Strategy Officer

Giseung "Tiny" Jo
Chief Technology Officer

Tai Kim
Chief Product Officer

Min Woo Nam
Head of Blockchain Development

Seung Ho Cha
Deep Learning Development

Lee Hae You
Service Development

Ji Hye Park
Cloud & Service Development

Yon Seok Choi
UX Design

Yuika Hama
Business Development

YB Choi
Public Relations

Victoria Jo

Karen Cruz
Digital Marketing

Advisory Team
YoungHa Kim
Steve C. Y. Pang
Casper Wong
Jae-Woo Lee
Seokwoo Lee
Kazunari Miyazaki
Dennis Kim
William H. Nguyen
Jin Woo Shin
Kyle Riley
Jay Hwang
Trent Barnes