CNX Network ICO

CNX Network

The first sustainable worldwide blockchain technology network, offering encrypted, interconnected and same interface applications that are used the most in daily life, running on its own blockchain and currency.

ICO Details

Starting date
July 1st, 2022
Ending date
December 31st, 2022
Token Sale Hard Cap
$ 4,575,600
Token Sale Soft Cap
$ 2,575,600
Presale Start Date
July 1st, 2022
Presale End Date
December 31st, 2022
Token Symbol
Token Type
Utility Token (BEP-20)
Token Distribution
Token distribution

CNX Network will burn around 90% of its total supply during the presale until it has been reduced to 1,210,000,000 $CNX. The tokens will be burned gradually during each round of the presale to increase the value of each CNX every round.

Token supply before burning: 12,100,000,000 $CNX
Token supply after burning: 1,210,000,000 $CNX


CNX Presale: 17,1% = 208,200,000 CNX
Airdrop Events: 8,3% = 100,000,000 CNX
CEX Listings: 8,3% = 100,000,000 CNX
CNX Miner Community: 8,3% = 100,000,000 CNX
Backers: 19,9% = 240,790,000 CNX
Staking rewards: 16,9% = 204,490,000 CNX
Development: 10% = 121,000,000 CNX
Core Team: 11,2% = 135,520,000 CNX
Initial Token Price
1 CNX = 0.008 USD
BNB Smart Chain

CNX Network is a worldwide blockchain technology network offering encrypted, interconnected and same interface-looking applications which are used the most in daily life to help people out.

Recreating the most used applications in daily life, like recruitment or intermediary platforms, without the high fees and commissions that big online companies are currently asking from their users. This way, we create a portal of opportunities for people worldwide, all running on our own blockchain and currency.

We want to help the current digital world by showing the strength of blockchain technology. This way we can bring blockchain technology to a better position in the current economy.

Utility Network
The CNX utility network consists of a growing multitude of services and self-sustaining applications that will show to be a benefit for every person in their daily life. Most applications and services in the market ask for high fees and commissions that are taking advantage of their workers and customers. The CNX utilities will counter this by providing applications and services that ask low fees, asking no more than what is needed. These utilities will be cheaper replacements for services and applications used by current companies. CNX Network is planning to create at least 100 applications which are all interconnected with each other.

Intermediary platforms
In the current economy, online companies with intermediary platforms are asking for high fees from their clients and/ or freelancers. It is very common that a fee around 25% is asked from their users. The issue with these online companies is that they are taking advantage of their users due to their monopoly position in the online market. CNX Network tends to counter this by recreating these platforms and making them with almost no fees by using their own blockchain and crypto as a payment method, breaking the online companies their monopoly positions.

CNX Connect
CNX Connect is an authenticator application developed by CNX Network, it enables users to navigate within the network its apps. Most utilities are connected with CNX Connect, this system will make sure that logging in and using the network will be simple, secure and fast.

CNX Network is creating its own wallet which will be used in the network for easy transactions through the network. WalletX is a multichain wallet with several crypto assets which will provide a service to secure users their crypto assets into a safe place.

CNX Network has contracted with VISA to provide CNX VISA Cards for investors. Using your CNX VISA Card, users will be able to do transactions worldwide. The CNX VISA Card will have VISA with global coverage. Users will be able to enact simple transactions, purchases and even withdraw money from an ATM. Using the CNX VISA Card on the WalletX application on a smartphone or tablet device, users will always have private access to all their card spendings.

Token Airdrops
A crypto airdrop is a promotional event for a new blockchain-based service. In an airdrop, participants are given free crypto tokens by a new service. Those looking to participate in an airdrop require a crypto wallet to do so. CNX Network will have a total of 6 airdrop events in the upcoming months.

Core Team

Dominic Letsch

Clarence Breevelt
Chief Human Resources

Chris Suoss
Chief Analyst Officer

Bilal Abid
Chief Information Security Officer

Jacob Petit
Chief Financial Officer

Abid Jamal
Chief Technical Officer

Mami-Jabbie Traoré
Chief Risk Officer

Elias Simons
Legal Officer

Reinder de Beer
Full Stack Developer

Kristina Xani
Content Creator

Tayab Shahid
Full Stack Developer

Advisory Team

Danny Goldenbelt
Crypto Advisor