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Aims to be the “Uber of service”, bringing together a wide range of services to individuals in an all-in-one application and based on Blockchain technology.

ConnectJob for Jobbers

Looking for a #job? Use #ConnectJob App, localise a request, get it and get paid!

Posted by ConnectJob on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

ICO Details

Starting date
February 12th, 2018
Ending date
April 30th, 2018
Token Sale Hard Cap
$ 37M
Token Sale Soft Cap
$ 7M
Token Symbol
CJT = 2,400 CJT = 1 ETH
Token Type
Ethereum (ERC20 Token)
Token Distribution
65%: Sold during ICO, 20%: Held in reserve by ConnectJob, 15%: Distributed to stakeholders (team, advisors, community). PRE SALE: HardCap: 12 M$, Amount of CJT Tokens: 63 240 000, In 3 Steps: 1st Strech Goal: 4 M$, 2nd Strech Goal: 4 M$, 3rd Strech Goal: 4 M$, Bonus: 20% discount during the entire pre-sale period. Hardcap: 25 M$. SALE: Amount of CJT Tokens: 131 760 000, Bonus: First 2 weeks: 12% (week 1 to 2), Next two weeks: 9% (week 3 to 4), Next two weeks: 6% (week 4 to 5), Next two weeks: 3% (week 5 to 6), Next two weeks: 2% (week 7 to 8), After week 8: 0% Total token sale: Hardcap: 37 M$, Date: 01/12/2017 to 30/04/2018, Total amount of CJT allocated during the token sale: 195 000 000 (65% created tokens), Total amount of CJT tokens : 300 000 000
Initial Token Price
1 ETH = 2,400 CJT
Participation Restrictions

ConnectJob is a decentralized application that provides most of the daily needs of its users all done by individuals called “Jobbers”. Geolocation is at the heart of the ConnectJob offer, providing its users with services available in their areas, and invoiced in CJT (ConnectJob tokens) or fiat (EUR, USD, etc.) at an hourly rate (Uber-like model) that is unique and predetermined for each type of services offered.

ConnectJob’s ambition is to disrupt the labor market by enabling to connect people looking for a service with people the most capable to provide them this service in a few minutes, at the best price and through geolocation. It represents a revolution in services to individuals as the company intends to surpass its direct competitors by pioneering the flexible workforce business model and provides its users with freedom over the type of services available in a decentralized manner.

Using blockchain technology, ConnectJob will allow its customers to exchange value directly without relying on a third party, and ConnectJob’s team will develop a wide range of services around this revolutionary technology. The Company will progressively integrate the platform in the public Ethereum blockchain and will make a progressive transition from a centralized platform to a fully decentralized service, managed and operated by its users.

To illustrate, the roadmap for the coming month encompasses numerous features such as:
- The management of users’ assets directly through the CJT token, without trusting involving a third party
- The transfer of Jobber’s reputation on a decentralized manner from our platform to other decentralized applications, by
developing a SDK and an API for decentralized reputation validation;
- Integration with decentralized applications currently being built on the Ethereum blockchain (such as uPort for identity
management, KyberNetwork for decentralized exchange of tokens, etc.);

Our long-term view is that blockchain technology can reshape the way people interact with each other and exchange value. We share the blockchain community vision that a more decentralized world, where citizens regain a form of control over their identity, their data, their money is possible, and we will do our best to contribute to this vision through the next steps of development.

Core Team

Jonathan Gueron
Co-Founder & CTO

Yoni Assouline
Founder & CEO

Tamir Ruvinov

Nechemya Kanelsky

Irina Tonkonogaya

Beni Issembert

David Persiko
Managing Director

Advisory Team

Financial advisor Jeremie Berrebi

Lead advisor Scalene Partners - Simon Eischen

Legal Advisors Kramer Levin Blockchain and Ethereum advisor: Simon Polrot