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*UPDATE: 10,151.93 ETH Raised in ICO, Listing info will be released end of July * DACC is the world’s first content-based blockchain that features identity and access management (IAM) at the infrastructure level.

Starting date

July 2nd, 2018

Ending date

July 7th, 2018


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Decentralized Accessible Content Chain(DACC) is a platform that will revolutionize the digital content and media industry.

DACC will establish a public blockchain that features content ownership and access management at the infrastructure level. A decentralized file system that contains intrinsic identity and access management (IAM) will be implemented to give users and content creators methods to securely initiate, store, and manage access permissions to their data and IP.

IAM ensures that only authenticated users can access the resources they are authorized to use, and resource owners will have full control over the user authentication and authorization process. In addition to this underlying infrastructure, a full suite of developer tools will also be created which will allow any user or entity to easily build and develop content-related decentralized applications (DAPP’s) for any content-related platform on top of DACC.

Official Video
Token Sale Hard Cap
ETH 30,000
Token Sale Soft Cap
ETH 20,000
Token Symbol
Token Type
ERC 20 - Ethereum
Token Distribution
DACC Community Development Fund : 10% Angel Round Investor: 10% Private Pre-Sale investors : 12% Public Pre-Sale Round investors: 8% DACC Development Team: 15% DACC Advisors: 10% DACC Foundation: 35%
Initial Token Price
1ETH = 200000 DACC
Participation Restrictions
China, US
Core Team

Vincent Nguyen
Team Leader

Harold Li
Technical Leader

Jim Ai
Audio Tech Lead

Jun Zhang
AI Tech Lead

Gina Hughes
Media and PR Lead

Cathy Cao
Media and PR Lead

Advisory Team
Jeffrey Wernick
Walter Komarek
Andy Tian
Philippe Bouaziz
Weixing Chen
Jared Polite
Zhao Dong
Oliver Lee
Luca Nichetto
Matthew Cheng
Justin Sun
Omer Ozden
Yu Hong
David Zhu
Jia Tian
Haobo Ma
Roy Li
Li Quan
Kelvin XU
Huang He
Ge Wenxing
Grace Fan
Ray Wu
Kathy Chen
Dou Wang