Quantum Proof Polkadot Moonbeam Crosschain DEX

ICO Details

Starting date
February 22nd, 2021
Ending date
Token Sale Hard Cap
Token Sale Soft Cap
$ 1000000
Participation Restrictions
No residents/citizens from USA, South Korea, China, Iran, North Korea

Introducing DCTDAO : The Next Evolution of Quantum Proof, Cross-Chain trading. Built on Polkadot, Moonbeam and DCore.

Backed by some of the biggest minds in the Blockchain Industry, including one of the DLT pioneers; DECENT, DCTDAO is poised to revolutionise trading in an ever more expensive, slow and unsafe crypto trading environment.

Building on the strong fundamentals of the DCore Blockchain, DCTDAO will be implementing technologies of Polkadot and Moonbeam on top of DCore to offer near gas-less fees. In addition, Quantum proof security will be added from top North American and European specialists to create a secure trading platform. Even DEX’s are prone to massive security holes, the latest being the hack of Cream Finance this month (February 2021) where $23million dollars worth of ETH was stolen!


DCTDAO is a revolutionary new platform, leveraging DECENT’s fast, scalable and cost effective DCore Blockchain, it’s big partnerships as well as a strong community with a new connectivity platform which aims to bridge the benefits of DCore with an interconnected system for traders.

For crypto backers and traders, they can enjoy fast trading with a Multi-Wrapped tokens as well as having the ultimate security with a Quantum Proof upgrade to DCore. In addition para-chain technologies using Polkadot as a basis for the main trading DEX and the Moonbeam cross-chain protocol will be implemented.

By developing a new governance token on DeFI, owners of the DCTDAO token (DCTD) are able to vote and get involved with development, as well as enjoy rewards with an exciting, interconnected Blockchain project launching in 2021.

The fundamental setup of DCTDAO is as follows:

DCore will be upgraded with new API’s and tech to make it interoperable with any Blockchain including at first Polkadot and Moonbeam (once code becomes available sometime in June, 2021). ERC-20 will act as the first MVP (Open-source code is currently published on GitHub and the DCTDAO website).

DCTDAO cross-chain development and governance token: DCTD deployment.

DCore will be fully upgraded with Quantum Security, developed and implemented by some of the largest European / North American Cyber Security firms in the space. DCore will enjoy the benefits of a future-proofed platform for the ultimate in trading and DAPP security.

DCTDAO DAPP Platform includes:
a. Wrapped DCT (old original token) for ERC-20 and Polkadot Moonbeam trading.
b. DEX Deployment for DCTD exchanges to further create interoperability.
c. Developer voting platform by community of DCTD holders for the next generation of application development.
d. Further wrapped DCT bridges beyond Polkadot and Moonbeam i.e., BTC, etc will be deployed.
DCore DCT token will be fully removed from centralized exchanges (process
currently happening) and a wrapped token called WDCT will be developed and made available for a fully decentralized cross trading, allowing Polkadot, Moonbeam, ERC-20 tokens to be traded back and forth with extremely minimal fees and fast speeds.
DCore will remain as the core of DECENT running the DPoS based DAPPS in a fast, efficient and cost-effective manner.
DCTD will act as a trading pair for WDCT on multiple DEX.
DCTD will be rewarded to voters via smart contracts for new staking rewards
WDCT is only the beginning with a full set of connectivity for multi-blockchain set
up in the works all built and funded by DCTD.

Endless Possibilities
Leveraging Quantum security, the speed and reliability of DCore, flexibility of Polkadot and interconnection with Ethereum and many more, DCTDAO opens up a whole new world of possibilities for traders, developers, enthusiasts, builders and all of the DCTD token holders.

Wish to know more about DCTDAO, what it does and how to get some sweet DCTD?

Follow our development at :

? Twitter : twitter.com/dctdao
? Medium : medium.com/@dctdao
?Telegram : t.me/dctdao
?Github : https://github.com/dctdao

Core Team

Arbiyan Christianto

Lukas Kiss
Chief Scientist