Deriv.Ex Exchange ICO

Deriv.Ex Exchange

Deriv.Ex is the first ever derivative cryptocurrency exchange.

ICO Details

Starting date
November 15th, 2022
Ending date
December 31st, 2022
Token Sale Hard Cap
$ 90000
Token Sale Soft Cap
$ 40000
Token Symbol
Token Type
ERC20 token
Token Distribution
2% Team,
5% ICO,
14% Could be buy,
24% Could be released,
55% Must be keep by the exchange.
Initial Token Price
1 token = 15 USD
Participation Restrictions
We like everyone

Deriv.Ex is a project launched in November 2022 by Alexandre K. and Julien S. and which aims at creating the first cryptocurrency derivative exchange: the Deriv.Ex exchange.

Why Deriv.Ex ?
Cryptocurrency and decentralized finance has been drastically shaken in recent years.
Thanks to the BullMarket of the period 2020-2022 the world has been focused on these new safe havens.
With the exceptional potential of this new technology some people are not able to see it in a positive light and our passion is the victim of a massive boycott.

Indeed, Europe is applying more and more laws to regulate the market, which drastically reduces the freedom promised by the cryptocurrency.
Between taxations and bans, it is now almost impossible to launch your idea or even to make a living from this sector which was once
even to live from this sector in full expansion.
Nowadays, the only companies that manage to survive are in fact propelled by state agencies or established banks that are just taking a piece of the pie. As you know, short ETFs are being banned in Europe and this is just the beginning.
Yet, you know it would be fair to live in a world where every project is free to have enough ambition to face any market.
A world where we don't kill innovation, where we regulate with dignity and encourage participation in change and creation.
Deriv.Ex wants to give you that freedom...

The solution.
Correlated tokens:
The general idea of absolute value correlated tokens is as follows:
The price of a cryptocurrency is subject to the classic law of supply and demand. To make our project work, our tokens must have a price that is independent and that does not that does not respect this law.

Our tokens therefore benefit from a monopoly situation, which allows us to create tokens with customizable prices.
Let's take an example:
Let's say you want to bet on the decline of bitcoin in the near future, since short ETFs are being banned in Europe, it is difficult to find a simple solution to hope to make money on your hunch that the bitcoin price will fall.
So you find our platform Deriv.Ex, offering you derivative cryptocurrencies, including
one of which would have a price with a short position in relation to the bitcoin price.
Thanks to Deriv.Ex, you therefore find the possibility to trade as you want.

How it works:
As mentioned in the section above, the way token prices change is based on
on the monopoly theory.
This theory, although normally applied to the goods and services markets, can also be applied to the can also be applied to money markets. Indeed, just as the central bank does, it is with a monopoly of emission that we can fix the value of a currency. We intend to take up this system but in a simplified way, and we will be able to fix the value and the price of our

For each of our tokens, we will apply this process:
The first step will be to set an issue price,
The second step will be to introduce it to the resale market so that everyone can benefit from these

The Deriv;Ex exchange project is help by Linkube, an official belgium support.

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Core Team

Julien Salvatore

Alexandre Kerbusch