DogLibre ICO


"""Liberating Dogs, One Meme at a Time""

DogLibre is a unique, meme-powered initiative focused on improving the lives of stray and pet dogs worldwide by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

Our mission is to create a transparent and decentralized platform that engages and empowers dog lovers globally, while harnessing the viral potential of memes for exponential growth."

ICO Details

Starting date
April 15th, 2024
Ending date
August 15th, 2024
Token Sale Hard Cap
Token Sale Soft Cap
Presale Start Date
April 15th, 2024
Presale End Date
August 15th, 2024
Token Symbol
Token Type
ERC-20 & Ethereum Network
Token Distribution
Presale: 8%
Staking Reward: 15%
Gameplay Reward : 12%
Treasury: 18%
Partnerships : 7%
Marketing : 10%
Liquidity & Launchpool : 10%
R&D & Ops : 10%
Team: 10%

For More Info:


🐾 Meme-Powered Growth: Utilizing the viral nature of memes to foster a large, engaged community.
🐾 Decentralized Dog Care Platform: Integrating blockchain technology to ensure transparency and decentralization in dog care initiatives.
🐾 Innovative NFT Ecosystem: Offering dynamic, gamified NFTs representing real-life stray dogs, which can earn rewards within the DogLibre ecosystem.
🐾 Comprehensive Dog Care Solutions: From walk-to-earn rewards and adoption facilitation to dog cafes and grooming services, DogLibre aims to cover all aspects of dog care.
🐾 DAO Governance: Moving towards a fully decentralized autonomous organization where community members vote on fund allocation and project direction.


🐾 DogLibre Platform: A decentralized hub for dog lovers, rescue groups, and the pet care industry, providing various tools and services to improve dog welfare.
🐾 Dynamic NFTs: Mint and trade NFTs of real-life stray dogs, earning rewards within our gaming ecosystem and supporting rescue operations.
🐾 Walk-to-Earn Program: Earn $DOGL tokens by walking your dog, promoting health and fitness for both pets and owners.
🐾 Dog Care Facilities: Developing physical dog care centers, including dog cafes, grooming services, and veterinary clinics.


🐾 Experienced Founders: A team with a blend of expertise in blockchain, DAOs, gaming, and pet care, dedicated to making a positive impact on dog welfare.
🐾 Strategic Advisors: Backed by industry leaders and visionaries, including key figures from Bitget, Decentraland, MakerDAO, Polygon, and Gnosis.
🐾 Passionate Dog Lovers: Our team members are not only professionals but also passionate pet owners committed to leveraging DogLibre for global dog welfare improvements.


🐾 $DOGL & DogLibre NFTs: Unlocks access to DogLibre’s full suite of services and DAO benefits through staking mechanisms.
🐾 Governance: Provides voting rights for participants to influence project decisions and fund allocations.
🐾 Rewards and Incentives: Earn staking rewards and exclusive access on the DogLibre platform.


🐾Stray Savior Squad (SSS): A dedicated team of early adopters and volunteers with deep expertise in technological solutions and entrepreneurial success, focused on rescuing and supporting stray dogs. We empower and mobilize individuals and talent pools worldwide to contribute to DogLibre’s ecosystem.
🐾Collaborative Partnerships: Fostering relationships with small and medium-sized pet care businesses, integrating existing charities, and collaborating with industry giants to amplify our impact and reach a broader audience.
🐾Research and Development: Investing in specialized research repositories for pet care, food quality, and genetic disease information. This will enhance the overall dog care ecosystem, providing valuable insights and resources to improve the lives of dogs everywhere.

DogLibre is more than just a meme project; it’s a movement to redefine the pet care industry through innovative technology and a passionate community. Join us in our mission to make the world a better place for dogs, one meme at a time.

Core Team

Benjamin Foong
Project Manager