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ICO Details

Starting date
Ending date
Token Sale Hard Cap
$ 39,000,000.00
Token Sale Soft Cap
Token Symbol
Token Type
Token Distribution
51,3% Proportion of Token Sale

16,7% Development

10% Marketing & Ecosystem

10% Reserve

10% Team

2% Advisors & Key Backers

Initial Token Price
0.1362 USD

Emotiq is a next-generation blockchain with powerful scalability and privacy, combining the latest research in distributed ledger technology with an innovative natural-language approach to smart contracts.

Emotiq reimagines the role of smart contracts. Smart contracts are computer programs that detail the conditions under which a transaction or transfer of tokens will occur, and executes them accordingly. They are the user interface of the blockchain. These computers programs are only readable by computers, however, not humans, which limits their usefulness.

Through Ring, the Emotiq smart contract language, we offer a ground-breaking solution for non-programmers and those obliged to program by necessity. We make smart contracts readable and usable by humans.

Ring is smart contracts in plain English.

The Ring VM is a sandbox that enables Emotiq to experiment with smart contract implementations and users to explore and preview smart contracts, interactively, prior to committing them to the blockchain.

The Ring VM runs smart contracts written in the native Ring language as well as most, if not all, Ethereum contracts machine translated from Solidity. Those who program by trade may be well-served by Solidity, but may want to leverage Emotiq’s usability, functionality, or scalability.

Oracles allow smart contracts to interact with the outside world and are a vital part of the Emotiq platform and ecosystem. Oracles retrieve real-world data to provide results in answer to queries made by smart contracts.

Smart contract creators use oracles as pre-built components. Developers are incentivized to create new oracles through a pay-per-transaction model, in which the developer of the oracle is paid each time an oracle provides an answer.

Core Team

Joel Reymont

Ann Soederblom
VP of Marketing

Vladimir Lebedev
VP of Engineering

David McClain, PhD
Chief Rocket Scientist

Eugene Chupriyanov
Site Reliability Engineer

Karol Skocik
Senior Software Engineer

Anca Dumitru
Senior Writer and Editor

Wen Qiang
China Community Manager

Batyrkhan Zhaparov
English/Russian/Chinese Community Manager

Eric Yao
In-house Writer