Frodo Tech ICO

Frodo Tech

Frodo Technology Ltd is New Zealand based company. We focus on the financial blockchain ecosystem. We provide our customers with financial services globally without any limitation of race or region.

ICO Details

Starting date
December 1st, 2021
Ending date
February 28th, 2022
Token Sale Hard Cap
$ 6174609
Token Sale Soft Cap
$ 650000
Presale Start Date
December 1st, 2021
Presale End Date
February 28th, 2022
Token Symbol
Token Type
Token Distribution
Supply Reserve 11.00%
Public sale 15.00%
Private sale 4.50%
Ecosystem 20.00%
Early Advisor 4.50%
Future Advisor 5.00%
Marketing 20.00%
Team 15.00%
Rewards 5.00%
Initial Token Price

Frodo Tech is a financial blockchain ecosystem. We provide our customers with financial services globally without any limitation of race or region.
Our customer's privacy is our priority and we do not require any type of KYC. In our ecosystem, all people, regardless of nationality, race, or country, can interact financially together.
The Frodo Tech ecosystem includes:
 Frodo Launchpad
 Frodo Customer Support (FCS)
 Frodo Wallet
 Frodo Payment Gateway (FPG)
o Fund Transfer
o Online Shopping
 Frodo Decentralised Cryptocurrency Exchange (FDX)
 Frodo Centralised Cryptocurrency Exchange (FCX)
 Mainnet
 Frodo Native Coin (FNC)
 Frodo DeFi Lending (FDL)
 Frodo NFTs Marketplace (FNM)
 Other utilities
o Decentralised Worldwide Stock Market (DWSM)
o Frodo Forex Bridge (FFB)
Who are we?
Frodo Tech is an IT company based in New Zealand. It includes highly skilled experts in efficiently delivering and implementing advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity both in on-site and cloud environments at low cost. Frodo Tech provides best-fit and trustful solutions around AI, cybersecurity, data analysis, custom applications, mobility, migration, and managed services.
In early 2021, Frodo Tech’s team decided to start a new era in technology. The FT team had done considerable research into Blockchain and cryptocurrency, which are fantastic and on-demand. However, we decided to start our business on Blockchain and provide a unique cryptocurrency service. We aim to create a secure, trustable excellent payment platform that provides Blockchain as a service (BaS).
Our Mission
• Getting into the crypto industry.
• Place in the wider ecosystem.
Our Vision
• Technology for tomorrow, delivered today.
• Using a decentralised blockchain network to bring billions of the unbanked into the global economy.
• Utilise blockchain technology as a financial tool
We are here to solve these types of problems with our services. Here are some of our solutions:
Peer-to-peer transactions
Merchants, retailers, and businesses receive payment directly from the customers across a peer-to-peer system by integrating the payment gateway into their existing payment model. This attribute speeds up the transaction time and brings two major benefits; speedy transactions and secure access to the payment gateway.
No intermediaries
The cryptocurrency payment solutions eliminate the role of third parties and mediators from the payment system. So, the payment reaches the merchant directly from the customer’s wallet, which avoids high transaction costs.
Cross-border transactions
While a fiat transaction requires several days to complete, the crypto transaction takes a few minutes. This faster transaction speed helps all sizes of businesses (small, medium, or large) to complete payments on import and export of goods quickly.
Easy integration
The payment gateway is easy to integrate into an existing application. Merchants can integrate the crypto plugin into their desired application and start accepting payments in cryptocurrency.
Real-time exchange
The crypto market is highly volatile, where the value of currencies can rise or fall quickly. In such scenarios, the real-time exchange feature makes the payment gateway capable of converting coins into fiat at any time.
OS Compatibility
The crypto payment gateway is fully compatible with different operating systems; Android, iOS, and Windows. Merchants don’t need to configure their device or application specifications to integrate the payment gateway into it.
Auto Settlement option
With a flexible auto settlement option, one can easily connect the crypto payment gateway to exchange(s) to instantly convert cryptocurrencies into mainstream currencies, stable coins, or fiat. For example, the user can exchange coins for USD, TUSD, USDT, and USDC by integrating the crypto payment gateway to prominent crypto exchange platforms like Binance and Bittrex.

No Need for KYC
With our no KYC platform, nobody has to reveal their identity, which means we don’t have any geographical limitations. Merchants benefit from crypto payment and instant liquidity solutions, enabling them to receive new income streams.

Core Team

Sarah Rohani

Zagros Soltanian

Amirhossein Mousavi

Samaneh Ranjbar
Marketing Manager

Nasim Ghaemi
Full-stack Developer

Sadegh Ranjbar
Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Expert