ImmVRse is a hybrid decentralized digital VR content sharing platform, built on Ethereum blockchain that will allow content creators, brands and advertisers alike - to inspire, share and collaborate to produce some of the best VR content available online.



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ICO Details

Past, Trading
Starting date
September 30th, 2018
Ending date
Token Sale Hard Cap
$ 20,000,000
Token Sale Soft Cap
$ 5,000,000
Presale Start Date
June 19th, 2018
Presale End Date
June 28th, 2018
Token Symbol
Token Type
ERC20, Ethereum
Token Distribution
Total Token Pool (300 million):
33.33% Distributed During ICO
52.70% Retained by ImmVRse
10% Team and Advisors
4% Bounty and Rewards

ICO Token Pool (100 million):
20% Private Funding
20% Pre-ICO
60% ICO Event

Fund Distribution:
30% Development Fund
15% Future Employees
15% Operations and Admin
25% Marketing, PR & Ads
10% VR/AR R&D
5% Legal
Initial Token Price
1 IMV = $0.20 USD
Participation Restrictions
USA, Singapore, any other country strictly applying ICO participation restrictions

ImmVRse is a marketplace for content creators, where brands will be able to hire them on the platform. The creators will be able to showcase their talent to the VR users, while advertisers can take the opportunity to promote their businesses to those users. ImmVRse token will be utilized as a form of payment, which will facilitate:

1. Using the currency in various jurisdictions, thus allowing users around the world to receive payment via the dapp
2. Trading in exchanges, resulting traders to purchase the currency
3. Settlements automated via blockchain and perform incentivized contracts that drive demand

Systemic problems within the VR/AR industry:

- Technology needs to catch up to deliver the user experience
- Customer cost of entry too high, but improving
- Need for more content

Problems around marketplace:

- Problems with the VR/AR marketplace being heavily moderated
- Difficult for new media creators to shine out from the crowd, reducing market creativity
- Banking and payment restrictions, resulting in slow payment for services
- Copyright protection
- Centralised model for approval of contracts & content, inflating cost and delays
- Centralised data storage increasing costs

Their Solution:

- Blockchain technology to automate payments
- Ability to create a wallet within seconds and use it to make and receive payments
- Decentralised model overcomes any local country specific hurdles, low transaction fees
- No requirement for a bank account
- A single global marketplace that addresses all challenges content buyers and sellers have with the current system
- Peer to peer smart contracts on Ethereum
- Decentralised Nodes, No Single point of failure for payments, data or contracts
- No central arbitrator restricting users
- Reduction of fraudulent activities, decentralized moderation of content
- Control and the power of sharing shifted towards the community
- Potential of using token via external payment merchants

Core Team

Farabi Shayor
Co-Founder and CEO

Limon Rahman
Co-Founder and COO

Mark Higgins
Chief Information Officer

Peter Gostincar
Chief Technical Officer

Adrian Chan
Chief Marketing Officer

Samira Cheurfi
Android Developer

Caroline Tibbits
Project Manager

Robin Ware
Chief Solutions Architect

Anthony Robbins

Jason Taylor
Head of Business Strategy and Management

Advisory Team

Shahad Choudhury

Hugh Tonks

Katrina Sale

Carl Whitley

Wulf Kaal

Tyler Sanford