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Lucrosus Capital is a Decentralized Venture Capital that provides institutional benefits to individual investors through its token - $LUCA.



 We already raised $300 000 – the 11th phase is almost completed! In the 12th phase, $LUCA price will amount to $0.0293, therefore that’s the best chance to get your tokens for a discounted price of $0.0290 as the 11th phase is almost done.


ICO Details

Starting date
January 17th, 2022
Ending date
June 30th, 2022
Token Sale Hard Cap
Token Sale Soft Cap
$ 1000000
Token Symbol
Token Type
Token Distribution
55% - Public Sale
5% - Private Sale
8% - Development
4% - Liquidity
9% - Team
8% - Marketing
8% - Advisors
3% - Airdrop
Initial Token Price
1 token= 0.026 USD increasing with each phase of public sale

What is Lucrosus Capital?
One of the major problems arising from early-stage investing is its inaccessibility to individual investors. The issue occurs when few investment funds are capable of manipulating the market. Institutions don’t want to lose their power to entities.

With help comes Lucrosus Capital that claims to be the first gamified Decentralized Venture Capital (DeVC). It aims to provide investment opportunities to each individual on an institutional basis. Lucrosus empowers each individual as well as the development of the whole blockchain sector.

In normal market conditions, small players have no chance to get allocations in blockchain-related projects at a very early stage of development. They need either a lot of cash or powerful connections. If they do manage to find some private sale, they usually get a worse token price than any institution investing in that project.

Moreover, many crypto funds want to invest money without contributing extra effort to the development of a project. Their strategy is to simply hand out funds and passively wait for the results. This is often problematic for project developers, who value financial contributions as much as substantive help in the project creation.

Lucrosus Capital argues that it is able to tackle these hurdles by launching its own token - $LUCA.

What is the $LUCA token?
$LUCA is a utility token, the core of the Lucrosus Capital. It solves problems for both individual investors and developers creating their own blockchain projects. Thanks to the $LUCA token, Lucrosus Capital claims to provide investment opportunities to each individual investor on an institutional basis.

$LUCA offers several unique features:
1. Shared Allocation Program - token holders will be able to participate in the Shared Allocation Program and, according to the tier they belong to, acquire tokens of projects invested by Lucrosus Capital.
2. Buy-back Program - a significant part of generated profits will be used to buy back tokens from an open market which will have a positive impact on the $LUCA token price.
3. Governance – holders of $LUCA will be able to decide about the future investments, timing of buybacks, and many other activities.
4. Staking – by staking $LUCA users will increase both the voting power and the size of the allocation.
5. Access to highly advanced research - professional research documents created by the team will be available exclusively to $LUCA holders.
6. One-on-One with projects’ representatives - access to dedicated meetings with the creators of projects in which Lucrosus Capital invests.

Why is Lucrosus Capital so special?
The Shared Allocation Program mentioned earlier is something that sets Lucrosus Capital apart from other crypto funds. They give part of the allocation in the invested project to the holders of their token - $LUCA. The amount that holders can invest will depend on the tier they belong to. The tier depends on the number of $LUCA tokens they have - the more tokens, the higher allocation:
Gemmo - 5M+ $LUCA; 25% of allocation
Emerald - 1M+ $LUCA; 22.5% of allocation
Aurum - 300k+ $LUCA; 20% of allocation
Arganti - 100k + $LUCA; 17.5% of allocation
Cuprum - 25k+ $LUCA; 15% of allocation

Allocations within the Gemmo, Emerald, and Aurum tiers will be distributed equally to each member of a particular tier. The last two tiers (Arganti and Cuprum) will be gamified and a certain number of people from each tier will be eligible to receive a defined amount of allocation. There will be 200 prize-winning members in the case of the Arganti and 300 prize-winning members in the case of the Cuprum.

How can you buy $LUCA tokens?
Lucrosus Capital has recently announced its Public Sale start date and it’s coming very soon, because already on 17th January 2022 everyone interested will be able to purchase $LUCA token. The entire Public Sale will be conducted on the dedicated website [] where it is already possible to create an account []. The Sale will be divided into 100 phases, and $LUCA price will increase by about 1% each phase, starting from $0.026. The conclusion is one, the earlier you buy the token the better price you get.

Core Team

Peter Barbachowski
CEO & Founder

John Różycki

Matthias Soczyński

Advisory Team

Christopher Pietkun
Strategy Advisor

Miroslaw Barszcz
Investor Relations Officer

Piotr Jeżółkowski
Chief Legal Officer