MasRelic ICO


Where DeFi Meets Synthetic Real Estate.

ICO Details

Starting date
July 14th, 2022
Ending date
Token Sale Hard Cap
Token Sale Soft Cap
Token Symbol
Token Type
Utility & Ethereum
Token Distribution
Total Max Supply: 1 Billion Tokens
Synthetic Real Estate Tokens: 200 Million
ETH/RELIC Pool for Purchase: 450 Million
Synthetic Real Estate LP Reward Distribution: 100 Million
Incremental Initial Burns: 200 Million
Marketing + Dev Tokens: 50 Million
Initial Token Price

The purpose of MasRelic is to build a community of token holders that can earn passive income from high yielding opportunities. The MasRelic strategy is a meticulous mixture of staking and building Masternodes, adding to liquidity pools, and low - medium risk yield farming. Only in bull markets, RELIC will participate in high-risk yield strategies in order to improve performance. The reflections are sent back to the holders in Ethereum via our DAPP. Our founder has done data visualization studies and has found that Crypto Bear Markets are not the exception but the rule. This provides ample opportunities for holders to gain yield from their crypto.
The RELIC token is the native utility token that is used for:
• DeFi Farming Reflections
• Ethereum Reflections via Buy/Sell Taxes
• Synthetic Real Estate

In order to unify Real Estate Assets with DeFi, RELIC is the entry to point for our Synthetic Real Estate Platform. Our platform contains Synthetic Real Estate Liquidity Pools where holders can participate and earn RELIC Reflections. RELIC is the starting point for every swap to the Real Estate Synthetic Assets. We have two synthetic tokens representing two synthetic Real Estate Assets. By Swapping into the Synthetic Real Estate Assets from RELIC, you are creating a ticket to enter the Liquidity Pool for the properties we want to participate in. Once you swap, you can now deposit your RELIC and Synthetic Real Estate Tokens into the Liquidity Pool of our platform.

Core Team

Alex Luy