Metacoms ICO


Metacoms is an AI-powered, next-generation Metaverse featuring app creation capabilities for the integrated third-party App Store, paving the way for thousands of companies and creative designers to develop apps, foster thriving businesses, and ultimately create infinite experiences for users of all ages.

ICO Details

Starting date
October 21st, 2021
Ending date
June 17th, 2023
Token Sale Hard Cap
$ 37,200,000
Token Sale Soft Cap
$ 500,000
Token Symbol
Token Type
Binance Smart Chain, BSC
Token Distribution
Promotion 7%
Ecosystem 22%
Payments 9%
Sale 62%
Initial Token Price
1 MEAC= 0.12 USD
MATIC, USDC, Credit card

Introducing Metacoms: the cutting-edge, open-architecture Metaverse that enables you to create and deploy your own apps. Get started by downloading our Miniverse, featuring three tiers of developer interfaces: 1) combining 3D objects, 2) integrating scripting, and 3) programming in C++. Once your app is approved by our AI software, it can be minted as an NFT and distributed or sold via our integrated third-party App Store.

Experience unparalleled realism in the Metacoms Metaverse, powered by Unreal Engine 5. Easily create a lifelike avatar by scanning your face, complete with a verified label. Voluntarily participate in ID checks and choose which information to disclose, perfect for age-restricted events or gatherings.

Explore our NFT marketplace, featuring a vast selection of user-generated products. Partnering with, we offer a seamless app to facilitate cross-border transactions within Europe. Land parcels are free, and building a home is effortless with our AI-driven design software. Unused land is repurposed, moving to the city outskirts before being recycled.

Design, fund, and manage 3D games in the city's leisure areas. Shared profits from games and neighboring businesses benefit local homeowners and apartment dwellers. Experience the future of digital living with Metacoms.

Core Team

Antony Chang
CEO & Founder

Vitalii Petrenko
CTO & Co-Founder

Hemant Pancholi
CTO & Co-founder

Ankita Pancholi
Developer & Co-founder

Amir Naghavi
Lead Developer Android and iOS

Martin Laur (BA)
Compliance Manager

Gvantsa Bukuri
Executive Assistant

Mohamad Mahdi Abdi
Account manager

Bobby mnejad
Community Manager & Writer

Suraj Jaiswal
Marketing Manager

Zied Chaabane
ICO Advisor

Advisory Team

Henk van der Heijden
Advisor & Shareholder

Ian Scarffe
Blockchain Advisor

Adrian Niculescu
Business Advisor