Moovy – drive2earn app ICO

Moovy – drive2earn app

Moovy, the GameFi Move2Earn project that will brought into an immersive Car Metaverse with groundbreaking advancements in gameplay mechanics, complex avatar system and diversity of NFT assets

ICO Details

Starting date
March 30th, 2023
Ending date
April 30th, 2023
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Moovy is a drive2earn project that combines the best of both online gaming and social networks. It enables users to drive real-world cars, get rewarded in cryptocurrency, and meet new people while doing so.
Moovy makes use of advanced technologies such as blockchain, DeFi, and GameFi elements. The platform also provides a unique drive2earn infrastructure, allowing users to earn $MGAS tokens and use them to purchase items within the game or exchange them for fiat currency.
The platform also takes socializing to the next level with its SocialFi elements. Moovy enables users to create their own clubs and invite other drivers around the world to join them in exciting challenges and activities (Under Development).
In addition to drive2earn, users can also take part in various gaming events such as tournaments, rallies, golden rallies that offer attractive rewards in crypto tokens.
At Moovy we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to earn from doing something that they enjoy - driving!

What makes the project unique?

Evolving Avatar System
The Moovy avatar system provides an immersive experience unlike any other. Through each avatar, users can leverage their own unique skills and strategies to progress through the Moovy ecosystem.
- As a mechanic, you can build custom vehicles, repair existing ones and create a fleet of your own. 
- As a driver, you will be the one behind the wheel as you race against others in Moovy tournaments or just cruise around in style. 
- As an ecologist, you will be responsible for preserving Moovy's natural resources while researching new technologies that benefit Moovy’s environment.
No matter which avatar type you choose, Moovy provides an exciting way to develop your skills within its vibrant ecosystem
Diversity of NFT Assets
Over 80 unique models of NFT Cars fully designed by Moovy team, NFT Number Pates for them, Avatars and their driving licenses, NFT Garages - welcome to the Moovy
Trading marketplace
Moovy will provide an own marketplace to trade NFT Cars, Containers, Skins, Number Plates and much more that comes out of the game.

Core Team

Bofatiy Borya

Roman Shramko

Kirill Drozdov
IOS Developer

Maksim Khlestkin