Nicco Global ICO

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Digital Ecosystem and Smart App Payment, Data and cloud Solution for Enterprises

ICO Details

Starting date
February 1st, 2022
Ending date
March 31st, 2022
Token Sale Hard Cap
$ 6250000
Token Sale Soft Cap
$ 6250000
Presale Start Date
February 1st, 2022
Presale End Date
March 31st, 2022
Token Symbol
Token Type
Ethereum platform
Initial Token Price
Participation Restrictions
Minimum $500

THE NICCO SOLUTION FOR CONSUMER-CENTRIC ENTERPRISES. Nicco was created to provide consumer focused enterprises (all kinds) access to a broader range of data designed to empower them to deliver unique and complete experiences for their customers in an individualized manner. No matter the industry; airlines, sports, retail, entertainment, tourism, government, consumer products – Nicco provides enterprise Clients with real-time unique data gathered through its secure digital ecosystem and smart app/wallet framework. This is key because the smart trend today is to build an ecosystem to grow profit and while an enterprise ecosystem knows what an individual consumer has purchased from one, what is not known is the sensible subsequent purchase that can or could occur. NEW DATA. Nicco allows an enterprise to understand an individual customer at its core – do they want ice in their drink, how best to reward them as they transact with a specific merchant, product or service (particularly where competition is rampant). Nicco ethically and transparently collects 360 degree data per transaction designed to help enterprises make highly informed decisions and deliver true 1:1 experiences. Additionally, data collected throughout each digital ecosystem provides more detail than credit card transactional data plus, Nicco has the ability to incentivise app users to securely share their data by rewarding them (paying them) for doing so. THE PRODUCT. Nicco’s all-in-one cloud platform and smartphone app solution allows enterprises to interlock disparate merchant types (ecommerce, brick and mortar, etc.), product, services offerings, and customers into one secure and standardized digital ecosystem. With the ability to be white labelled or API integrated into existing infrastructure environments, Nicco provides enterprises with their own secure marketplace and ecosystem framework to brand, control, and standardize to ensure the quality of their product/service delivery for customer convenience and satisfaction. THE NICCO APP. The Nicco App core is its “digital wallet” feature which acts as a personal ledger for all transactions, instant and high-volume with the ability to be funded by existing as well as new payment methods - making this “digital wallet” complimentary to other digital wallet vendors. The Nicco App enables each user to transact within each of Nicco’s digital ecosystems and the Nicco DEX (Decentralized Exchange, see below) plus, each app will have modular marketplace features including its own data dashboard, rewards center, and peer-to-peer engagement channels providing each Customer a single point of contact to engage and transact through entire enterprises, multi-industry ecosystems, and entire regions. A NEW ECONOMY. Nicco’s solution gives enterprise clients the capability to control their digital ecosystem exclusively with their own product/service offerings (imagine: an entirely connected and digitally streamlined travel experience…a customer arrives at an airport lounge, their favoured drink and/or snack is waiting for them to open their app and “Accept”) or, extend to other complimentary businesses to create a superior new market opportunity focused on customer service based business, more level playing field, regionalisation vs. globalisation – as well as emerging technologies such as NFTs and cryptocurrency integration into daily transactions driving the key benefits of the new economy: technological change, productivity and economic growth. DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE (DEX), THE NICOL TOKEN AND STAKING. Nicco provides its own DEX to allow Users flexibility to swap their Nicol tokens with their partners tokens like (USDT, ETH, BnB, KBN), stake their Nicol tokens and earn staking rewards, and/or create/buy/sell NFTs. Nicco will re-invest between 10-20% of their net revenue to buy back and burn tokens to ensure inflation control and reward loyal users. NICCO DEVELOPMENT. Nicco engaged the IBM Garage to build this robust and highly scalable product of which current focus is to accelerate continued development leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Quantum Computing and revolutionary Blockchain technology to ensure Nicco continuously enhances to empower enterprises to bridge the informational gap created by siloed business/industry offerings which will struggle to thrive in a Covid to post-Covid new economy if they remain digitally singularly disconnected and mired in old traditional strategies to grow

Core Team

Richelle Nicols
Founder - CEO

Wouter Raasveldt
Chief Investment Officer

Mark Bryant
General Manager

Joe Hart

Candice Lester
PR & Communications

Advisory Team

John Sajadi
Advisory Board

Marie Douglas
Advisory Board

Michele Caminos
Advisory Board