PointPay ICO

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Blockchain-based Bank Full Eco System WorldWide

ICO Details

Starting date
July 22nd, 2020
Ending date
July 22nd, 2021
Token Sale Hard Cap
$ 30,000,000
Token Sale Soft Cap
$ 1,000,000
Token Symbol
Token Type
ERC20 Ethereum
Token Distribution
Token distribution:
50% - To be sold
30% - Reserve (unused tokens will be burned at the end of ICO)
10% - Team tokens
6% - Maximum allowance for high-volume investment bonuses
4% - ICO referral program
Initial Token Price
1 PXP = 0.1 USD
Participation Restrictions
Cuba, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and North Korea, Yemen

PointPay is an early-stage UK-based blockchain start-up. PointPay team developed and launched full cryptocurrency ecosystem of 10 working and operational products. They are:

- PointPay Bank with crypto checking and crypto savings accounts, enabling PointPay customers to earn daily interest;
- PointPay Exchange with market, limit and stop-limit orders;
- PointPay Wallet designed for daily use and monitoring price changes in your cryptocurrency portfolio;
- PointPay Payment System enabling PointPay customers to buy and sell crypto with debit and credit cards;
- PointPay Crypto School with helpful video tutorials for beginners and advanced trading strategies for pros;
- PointPay mobile crypto banking application for Android
- PointPay mobile crypto banking application for iOS;
- PointPay Native Offchain Technology enabling PointPay customers to send instant transfers within the ecosystem.
- PointPay Token Sale platform
- PointPay Crypto Lending Module enabling PointPay customers to take instant loan.

PointPay has its own ERC-20 token PXP. It enables PointPay customers to earn higher yield (up tp 20% APR) on Bank, receive a discount when trading on Exchange, get an access to premium video tutorials on Crypto School, get a discount for all internal transfers within the PointPay Ecosystem as well as take an instant loan with a discount through PointPay Crypto Lending module without huge Ethereum network fees.

Just one account needed to start using all the products.

PointPay is the most promising blockchain start-up 2020.

Core Team

Andrey Svyatov
Co-Founder/ CEO/ Bank PM

Aleksandr Sviatov
Co-Founder/CMO/Wallet PM

Artyom Zbandut
Co-Founder & Crypto Exchange PM

Alex Varigin
Project Manager

Irina Karpenko
Sr. Software Developer

Sergey Kovalev
Sr. Devops Engineer

Pavlo Nykytiuk
Sr. Software Developer

Oleg Fedorov
Software Developer

Leonid Shkolnyk
Android Engineer

Alex Chernokun
iOS Engineer

Alina Ibragimova
VP of Customer Relations

Ekaterina Pushkina
Business Development/ HR

Natalya Nakhmanson
Legal Counsel

Konstantin Poplavsky
Content Writer

Candy Zuo
Content Manager (Asia)

Farheen Irfan
Community Manager

Elza Hovhannisyan
Content writer

Jatin Kalra
Community Manager

Sebastian Lokonon
French Native Translator

Valeriya Potapenko
Customer Support

Advisory Team

Jason Hung
ICO Advisor

Hamza Khan
ICO Advisor

Michael Brooks
ICO Advisor

Naviin Kapoor
ICO Advisor

Quentin Herbrecht
ICO Advisor

Elias Tan
ICO Advisor

Jay Derenthal
ICO Advisor

Kevin Kim
ICO Advisor

George Dicdiquin
ICO Advisor

Mikael Araújo
ICO Advisor

Ilya Polyakov
ICO Advisor

Vishal Savaliya
ICO Advisor

Zied Chaabane
ICO Advisor

Joaquin Scarpa
ICO Advisor

Saurav Devrani
ICO Advisor