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Nexus is the Link Between Finance and DeFi That Gives Everyone the Equal Opportunity To Acess Markets, That Usually Required More Than Just a Phone.

ICO Details

Starting date
October 31st, 2022
Ending date
Token Sale Hard Cap
$ 3,000,000
Token Sale Soft Cap
Presale Start Date
October 31st, 2022
Presale End Date
December 1st, 2022
Token Symbol
Token Type
Utility Token, Centralized Exchange
Token Distribution
Founders/Team: 20% (4 years vesting)
Angel Investors: 5%
Product Development: 20%
Community Incentives: 20%
Community Development: 10%
Risk Reserves: 5%
Private Sale: 6%
Public Sale (ICO): 17.45%

Private sale with limited-time-only sale for only whitelisted investors. Private sale investors will be eligible to sell 20% of their allocation in public sale, and the rest will be distributed over a vesting period of 14 months.
10% will be unlocked every quarter of the course of 6 months. Then, 10% will be unlocked every month of the course of 8 months.

Buyers will instantly get 20% of their tokens upon purchase, and the rest will be distributed over 8 months. 10% will be unlocked every month of the course of 8 months.
Initial Token Price
0.08 USD
Participation Restrictions

Project NEXUS, the once-in-a-lifetime leap that Traditional Finance needs, utilizing blockchain technology.

Two of the largest markets, the Real Estate Market and the Stock Market, have, for the first time in history, been combined with Crypto, the fastest-growing thing out there! Trade Real Estate, Derivatives, and Crypto as and when you please. Strapped for cash, NEXUS has also got that covered via a collateralized microloan right there in the same app. They also cleverly provide profit-generating utilities enabling you to utilize your Real Estate tokens, derivatives, and crypto in a way that is only possible within the DeFi space. Better yet, this is all possible with that device you are glued to - your mobile phone!

Blockchain technology and tokenization enable Project NEXUS to unify these three markets into one merged market. Tokenization allows them to remove the traditional barriers to entry, making things like high Capital requirements, multiple KYC applications, and usability issues skid-marks in your rearview mirror.

All of this? In one App? Yes, and yes. Head over to their website, where you can find out more information.

Core Team

Mohammed Khashogji
Co-Founder | CEO

Christopher Gross

Vasileios Ntamtsios
Co-Founder | Head of Crypto Research & Tokenization

Nadeem Alrabey
Co-Founder | COO

Samuel James
Community Leader

Advisory Team

Andreas Wuchner

Cevat Yerli