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PulseChain (Pulse) is the name of the new Ethereum fork Richard Heart is creating.



PulseChain.com update. “Planning to launch Testnet Release 2 this week or next, with the following updates:

1. Improved Validator Rotation

2. Branded Blockscout (block explorer)

3. Initial Distributions


ICO Details

Starting date
Ending date
Token Sale Hard Cap
Token Sale Soft Cap
Token Symbol
Token Distribution
The PLS supply increases with the amount sacrificed. The sacrifice set can mint 1 free PLS per sacrifice point. Ethereum holders only get 1 free PLS per ETH. And it's value is deducted from their address after 30 days. A genesis address gets 1% of the total PLS supply at launch. (It will not benefit you, and may waste the coins in any way it wishes.)
If the total supply isn't 10,000x higher than ETHs, then everyone will get upscaled (bonus coins pro rata) to bring the total supply to 10,000x ETH's total supply.
The USD value of sacrifice's are estimated using 30 minute time weighted average prices where convenient.

An automated market maker ratio fixer contract will mint enough supply to correct the PLS ratios as the first act on main net, as PLS will have a much higher supply than ETH. It will probably mint around 2.5% of supply.

Current rate per 10,000 points:
Initial Token Price

Increase Ethereum's value
Ethereum's fees will be lowered by sharing its load.

Enrich ETH users
PulseChain will re-enable priced out use cases: Instead of launching empty, PulseChain brings the ETH system state and ERC20s, this rewards holders and founders of Ethereum based projects.

Enrich ERC20 and NFT users
The launch of PulseChain is the largest airdrop in history. Thousands of Ethereum based tokens and NFTs receive their free PulseChain versions. This new gold rush contains the value discovery of thousands of tokens and NFTs on PulseChain. If you always wanted to be a whale in a certain ERC20 or NFT, maybe now you can be.

Easy to use
Your MetaMask wallet just works, you only have to change a single setting to access PulseChain. ETH holders can transact for free with freemium PLS.

Lower PulseChain fees and serve more users
PulseChain increases the throughput of Ethereum 4x by using 3 second block times. Ethereum's average block time is around 13 seconds.

Remove pollution
By replacing proof of work miners with proof of stake validators PulseChain doesn't burn "waste" any energy making it environmentally friendly.

Improve game theory
PLS has 0% inflation. Validators only earn fees and 25% of the fees are burnt to reduce the circulating supply.

Empower PulseChain holders
PulseChain's native token $PLS can be staked and delegated to validators that reward the delegators with the largest percentage of fees.

Core Team

Richard Heart