PurrNFT Presale

PurrNFT is a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace which is reshaping the adult content industry using technology. The blockchain based, decentralized adult content platform is restoring ethics and transparency to an industry which has long been marred by condemnation and controversy.

ICO Details

Starting date
March 15th, 2022
Ending date
June 15th, 2022
Token Sale Hard Cap
$ 1 300 000
Token Sale Soft Cap
$ 400 000
Presale Start Date
November 29th, 2021
Presale End Date
January 7th, 2022
Token Symbol
Token Type
Binance Smart Chain BEP20
Token Distribution

Presale PurrNFT is set to launch its first presale on the 29th of November. The Presale
which takes a two-week duration period ends on the 7 of January 2022.

The number of tokens for sale during this period is 400,000,000 PNFT and the most
tickets one can have is $100,000 (although the first 1000 winners get a $100 reward).

The cap is not close to 400,000,000 if the goal is reached before the 12 of December
2021. Once the target is reached the token price will increase to the price of the second

The first presale sells at $0,0010 while the second presale sells at $0,0030. The Initial
Coin Offering (ICO) goes for $0,0100.
Initial Token Price
0.001 BUSD
Participation Restrictions
No USA Resident

PurrNFT provides a better solution since it is based on a decentralized platform, and thus
there are no chances propriety of the minted NFT will be compromised in the future.

Unlike other adult content NFT marketplaces that are partially decentralized, PurrNFT will
be fully decentralized.

PurrNFT will use decentralized currencies Such as PurrX and thus will help to avoid
control from banks and financial institutions. Even though there is a lot of free adult
content all over the internet, NFT will increase the value of the content. Through NFT,
owners can own the content and attach value to it.

What Problems Do We Solve?
Despite this success, OnlyFans is not perfect and has several irritants that PurrNFT
promises to solve:

- There is the risk for OnlyFans to become as big as the actors it fought and
change the rules of the game once it becomes unavoidable. PurrNFT, being
based on blockchain technology, offers better guarantees because users have
the certainty that the rules of the game will not be modified in the future. In this,
PurrNFT also stands out from other NFT marketplaces dedicated to adult content
that are only very partially decentralized.

- Next, Onlyfans recently threatened to end adult content on its platform under
pressure from its institutional investors and banks, putting content creators in
uncertainty. The use of cryptocurrencies on the PurrNFT marketplace avoids this
type of problem.

-There will be no payment delays once the sale is done, it’s like receiving a crypto
currency payment on your wallet!

- This means there will be transparency, and creators will be able to earn more.
Most importantly, on PurrNFT, content creators own the content they produce.
This stems from the fact that PurrNFT will be based on the BSC (inance Smart
Chain) which is an open ledger.

- PurrNFT is the first subscription service dedicated to the creation of exclusive
content for adults on the blockchain. The platform allows adult content creators to
monetize their works without intermediaries and traditional bank accounts.

PurrNFT WEB Platform

The NFT marketplace is a web 3 platform where content creators can monetize NFTs
and get exposure in return. Both parties are working in harmony to create a dynamic
ecosystem where the value is generated from content creators at first, but also from an
intuitive and efficient decentralized blockchain platform

Core Team

Andre Garon
CEO - Founder

Sania Malory #therealsatania
Senoir Advisor Content Creators

Yannick Eyeghe
CTO - Blockchain Engenier

Victoria Gagron
CMO - Head of Production

JP Brochu
CFO - Fintech Consultant