Sense4FIT is a "FIT to EARN" ecosystem that delivers an online concept through a semi-decentralised app, which includes fitness, nutrition, personal development and mindfulness, that will further develop in a hybrid concept with offline sports events, bootcamps and competitions.

ICO Details

Starting date
October 10th, 2022
Ending date
October 12th, 2022
Token Sale Hard Cap
$ 1136000
Token Sale Soft Cap
$ 560000
Presale Start Date
May 1st, 2022
Presale End Date
August 31st, 2022
Token Symbol
Token Type
ESDT - Elrond
Token Distribution
Seed = 30.000.000 (3%)
Private Sale = 160.000.000 (16%)
Public Sale = 40.000.000 (4%)
Liquidity = 70.000.000 (7%)
Team = 100.000.000 (10%)
Advisors = 30.000.000 (3%)
Marketing = 50.000.000 (5%)
Project Treasury = 40.000.000 (4%)
Staking Rewards = 80.000.000 (8%)
Strategic Partnerships = 100.000.000 (10%)
Rewards = 300.000.000 (30%)
Initial Token Price
1 SFIT = 0,029$

Sense4FIT aims to revolutionize the fitness industry, by employing a semi-decentralized approach and ensuring a motivating incentivization reward system. The immersive Fit2Earn model, incorporated by Sense4FIT, rewards users for every aspect of their transformational fitness journey, incorporating nutrition and mindfulness activities. For workouts, users can train by themselves in Single Mode, join Group or Team Challenges or have an amazing experience using Metaverse games mode . In the challenge group they can bet their funds and compete against other users. This removes the monotony of regular workouts and creates a fun and heavily rewarding experience.

The Fit2Earn model is aided by Proof-of-Activity (PoA), ensuring that users are actually rewarded based on merit and progress. PoA is possible through a combination of physical and digital technology, namely a fitness tracker as well as the proprietary Sense4FIT app . The app utilizes cutting edge AI algorithms that will monitor nutritional intake through camera permissions, whereas the tracker will be used mainly for workouts and sleep tracking.

Sense4FIT has immense potential for growth and scalability. As outlined earlier, the market for fitness apps is poised to grow within the next 4 years, with web3 also becoming increasingly important. With the advancement of technology, namely fitness gadgets, Sense4FIT aims to integrate the latest tech in order to track results more accurately and improve the PoA mechanism. Furthermore, Sense4FIT is looking to develop its own proprietary tech, with the final goal of rolling out the Fitnessverse - a decentralized metaverse application where people can train freely, removing the costs of physical gyms and other inconveniences.

This proves Sense4FIT’s ambition for an international borderless expansion, not limited to a region and targeting the international fitness community. With the Coach-on-Demand option, Sense4FIT will act as a gateway for international trainers and nutritional experts, creating a marketplace for wellness services. Within this decentralized marketplace, users can access a coach at any time, catering to their needs and services. Thus, users are not the only incentivized to train, but coaches are also encouraged to improve their services in order to receive better compensation. The Coach-on-Demand option will definitely trigger further adoption of the platform, through diversification and tailored solutions catering to users’ needs.

The Sense4FIT NFTs act as a subscription to a regular gym, yet it comes at a much lower cost, can raise in value, and provides users with opportunities to earn crypto, thus easily recouping its initial purchase value. They represent the access key to the Sense4FIT ecosystem, required to participate in the Fit2Earn. This not only allows you to workout and get compensated for it, but you also unlock special access to Boot Camps, Nutrition Seminars, Partner Discounts and Special Events.

Core Team

Antonio Enache

Cristian Gherghina

Dani Otil

Florin Mindru
Head of Business & Strategy

Valentin Maior
Head of Growth

Stefan Gergely
Head of Crypto

Cristian Mitran
Head of Video Content

Ionut Moncea
Head of Operations

Marius Berbecut
Head of Fitness

Raluca Moncea
IT Project Manager

Daniel Radu
Software Engineer

Razvan Angheluta
Senior Developer

Melika Monjazi
NFT Artist

Mihai Marinescu
Head of UX

Advisory Team

Alexandru Zainea
NFT Advisor

Marius Grigoras
Technical Advisor

Radu Constantin
Marketing Advisor

Andy Szekely
Team Performance Coach