Smart Containers ICO

Smart Containers

Smart Containers leverages leading blockchain technology to empower the new supply chain ecosystem **UPDATE - ICO has concluded and tokens are set to release of the end of July. No announcement on exchanges yet.

ICO Details

Starting date
June 7th, 2018
Ending date
June 30th, 2018
Token Sale Hard Cap
$ 36M
Token Sale Soft Cap
Presale Start Date
May 15th, 2018
Presale End Date
May 30th, 2018
Token Symbol
Token Type
Ethereum, ERC20
Token Distribution
80% Token Sale
20% ICO costs, align the interests of the Smart Containers management
Initial Token Price
1 SMARC = 0.432 USD
Participation Restrictions
USA, Japan, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, Burma, Côte d'Ivoire

Smart Containers leverages leading blockchain technology to empower the new supply chain ecosystem

Smart Containers Group is a Swiss high-tech container provider aiming to create the first fully autonomous container based on blockchain technology, consequently disrupting the logistics industry. 

Blockchain-based software and an IoT infrastructure is the core of Smart Containers Group strong technological ground, enabling to track and monitor each container around the world and making Smart Containers Group the largest provider of IoT airfreight containers on the market.

The combination of hardware, software and service enables Smart Containers Group to assertively position its division company SkyCell among the top four providers of pharma containers in the industry.

Through the FoodGuardians division, the next generation of reusable containers and boxes to transport temperature sensitive food products will be offered regionally and globally, preserving the product’s freshness and traceability.

Using blockchain as transformative technology in logistics, Smart Containers Group is driven by the opportunity to create the LOGI CHAIN, a fully integrated, seamless logistic ecosystem that will be accessible to all industry players at minimal cost. Therefore, Smart Containers Group will lead the way towards a more efficient, client-centric and cost-effective industry standard.

Core Team

Richard Ettl
CEO & Co-Founder

Nico Ros
CTO & Co-Founder

Andreas Ernst

Carla Bünger
CMO & Business Development Manager

Thomas Taroni
Head of IT

Advisory Team

Oliver Bussmann, Strategic Advisor

Michael Guzik, Blockchain Technology Partner

Marc Bettinger, Strategic Advisor

Gabriela Hauser, Legal Advisor

Fabian Schär, Strategic Blockchain Advisor

David Wachsman, Wachsman PR