The Next Gem AI ICO

The Next Gem AI

Leveraging the most powerful artificial intelligence, The Next Gem AI tracks and analyzes crypto projects, making it easy for you to spot the next big success. Let's find the next gems together.

ICO Details

Starting date
April 15th, 2024
Ending date
April 15th, 2024
Token Sale Hard Cap
$ $8,032,500
Token Sale Soft Cap
$ $443,700
Presale Start Date
April 11th, 2024
Presale End Date
April 14th, 2024
Token Symbol
Token Type
ERC-20 Ethereum
Token Distribution
- Technology and Infrastructure (5% - 42,500,000 GEMAI): Funds allocated for ongoing development, maintenance and scaling of the platform’s technology infrastructure.

- Marketing and Community Growth (10% - 85,000,000 GEMAI): For promotional activities, partnerships, community incentives, and other strategies to increase adoption and visibility.

- Ecosystem Incentives and Rewards (14.5% - 123,250,000 GEMAI): Dedicated to incentivizing user participation, including rewards for using the platform, community contributions, and engagement initiatives.

- Staking Rewards (9.5% - 80,750,000 GEMAI): Reserved for users who stake their tokens, contributing to platform liquidity and stability while earning rewards.

- Team & Advisors (10% - 85,000,000 GEMAI): Compensation for the team and advisors, vested over a period to ensure long-term commitment and alignment with project success.

- Private Round (12% - 102,000,000 GEMAI): Reserved for the first round of private sales, targeting strategic investors and KOLs.

- Public Round (19% - 161,500,000 GEMAI): Available for broader public purchase during the public sale to increase token distribution and community engagement.

- Liquidity (10% - 85,000,000 GEMAI): Allocated to ensure sufficient liquidity for exchanges and transactions within the ecosystem.

- Platform Development Fund (5% - 42,500,000 GEMAI): For future development, new features, Fine Tuning Custom LLMs and integration of advanced technologies.

- Operational Reserve (5% - 42,500,000 GEMAI): Kept as a reserve for unforeseen expenses, ensuring the smooth operation of the platform.
Initial Token Price
0.0051 USDT per GEMAI
Participation Restrictions

AI has transformed how we process information, make strategic decisions, and engage with technologies.

Next Gem aspires to be at the forefront of this revolution by introducing a new era in crypto data research and analysis: We are building a set of software and tools monitored by the best curated LLM artificial intelligence to access all Web3 project data directly on their pre-launch & launch stage and providing our community efficient ways to invest in the most promising crypto projects, on any existing blockchain.

- Apeing Efficiency: Introduction to the core motive of the platform to make apeing/investing efficient
- Analysing & Reacting: How the protocol & AI analyses and reacts with data
- LLM With Efficiency: Calculation of various factors and weightage by LLM to score projects appropriately and find best gems
- Web Data Scraping Sourcing of data of new or existing tokens
- Custom NextGem LLM Engage with the Custom NextGemAI LLM to inquire about specific data within the project dataset
- Premium Subscribe & Burn $GEMAI to access to premium features

Core Team