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Unikname's goal is to empower web solutions with Decentralized ID capabilities by leveraging blockchain innovation.

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$ 44000

Unikname's goal is to empower web solutions with Decentralized ID capabilities by leveraging blockchain innovation.
Unikname is a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) platform relying on a specialized Blockchain with an up and running livenet. The platform combines ready-to-use decentralized identity products and an integration framework.
Decentralized Identity enables new features to the services offered by companies. It has the power of enhancing customer loyalty, providing trust and privacy to users and reinforcing cybersecurity at lower cost.

Unikname SSI Platform is composed of multiples SSI components:
- Decentralized authentication: New generation and single step strong authentication without email or password.
- Privacy-friendly data sharing: Users can share private or confidential data embedded within their Decentralized ID with the websites they’re connected with. (e.g. during a signup a user can share their eMail, during a paiement they can share their VISA card number…)
- Operations and data certification: Certify documents and operations without KYC. Companies can request strong authentication to certify operations (e.g. confirm a workflow step, confirm when someone attends to a meeting...) or to certify data (e.g. timestamp file upload, certify an invoice...).
- Anonymous voting: Setup surveys or votes respecting participant’s privacy and anonymity.
- Digital Identity Management: Manage multiple digital Identities for individuals and their related datas (eg. augmented pseudo in gaming, professional ID...).
On one side companies integrate Unikname SSI modules (eg. Unikname Connect SDK) within their own web application to provide SSI services to their users (e.g . Decentralized Authentication). On the other side their users and/or their customers use the Unikname DAPP to answer to a SSI request (e.g.Authenticate).

Unikname aims to revolutionize the web access market and sits in the Digital Identity market that is worth more than $100 billion. This dynamic and not yet structured market is a strategic challenge for companies and for states as it concerns the protection of the new black gold of the 21st century: data. Our mission is to be a key player in the decentralized identity B2B sector and make the internet trustful and safer

Core Team

Founder and CEO

Damien LECAN
Founder and CTO

Fabien Tréguer
API & Security developer

Guillaume Nicolas
Mobile apps lead developer

Juliette Megret
Product Owner

Sophie Dramé-Maigné
Cryptography researcher

Pierre Seznec
Blockchain core developer

Blockchain and backend developer

Charlène Demaret
Customer Acquisition Manager

Marine Pasquet