VIDY Hot Presale Whitelist

Vidy is the world's first decentralized ad network

ICO Details

Starting date
Ending date
Token Sale Hard Cap
ETH 15000
Token Sale Soft Cap
ETH 60000
Presale Start Date
September 1st, 2018
Presale End Date
January 16th, 2019
Token Symbol
Token Type
Token Distribution
Vidy is the world's first decentralized ad network, powered by the ethereum blockchain. Vidy's ad platform allows advertisers to embed video ads directly into hyper-relevant website text, improving user experience, ad conversions and publisher payments. With just a hold, users can now reveal tiny hyper-relevant videos embedded in the text of any page on the web, unlocking a whole new dimension of the internet. All ads are placed with an NLP consensus protocol driven by miners. With a team of veteran engineers, industry-leading advisors and world-class brand partners, Vidy is on it's way to reinventing online advertising, e-commerce, and entertainment.
Initial Token Price
1 VIDY = 0.00001782 ETH
Participation Restrictions
USA and China

How VIDY Ecosystem works?

Vidy’s ad placement mechanism is a proprietary open-source NLP protocol, run by miners, that automatically places video ads on a massive scale into the hyper-relevant text of millions of publisher pages.
Vidy's Tri-Layer Solution

Circular hyper-relevant tiny videos that pop up while holding down on Vidylinks.

Vidy indexes hundreds of millions site pages and parses the natural language on screen for matching against the NLP Protocol. This becomes the total available inventory for ad placement on live ad campaigns.

Application Layer

The application layer is the consumer-facing distributor of video ads across the web, encapsulated in an SDK that can be installed with just a tap by any publisher.
Consensus Layer

The consensus layer receives user data along with ad performance information from the data layer and processes it as inputs in the placement-scripts that it runs. This is done in conjunction with decrypting the smart contracts that are handed off for user-data target application.
Data Layer

The data layer is the foundation of the Vidy Ad distribution platform, concurrently communicating with the application consensus layers, and transparently maintaining all incoming data in the immutable Vidy ledger. The data layer maintains a record of all embed placements, hold times, VidyCoin payouts, VidyCoin staked balances, and all VidyCoin transactions via the application layer’s one-tap purchase modal.
The First Open NLP Protocol

Vidy’s ad placement mechanism is a proprietary open-source NLP protocol that automatically places video ads on a massive scale into the hyper-relevant text of millions of publisher pages.

This open NLP protocol is run by miners who are compensated with VidyCoin for each successful placement and corresponding decryption of a visitor’s data profile which is locked in a smart contract. Vidy analyzes and indexes trillions of words of text on publisher pages across the internet and matches them through its AI-powered deep natural language understanding models with parsed and transcribed advertiser videos.

Core Team

Patrick Colangelo
Founder and CEO

Matthew Lim

Jake Rosin

Marco Vanossi

Garrett Wilson

Luke Edwards

Arria Owlia

Nicholas Kubiak

Harry Yang
Deep Learning

Luke Goh

Nadim Uddin

Sinjin Lee

Advisory Team

Alan Boehme CTO @ Procter & Gamble

Dawn Hudson CMO @ The NFL

Damian Marano Vice President @ Coca Cola

Brandon Berger CDO @ Ogilvy & Mather

Lim Ho Kee CEO @ UBS

Kimberly Wheeler Director @ Sephora

Boon Swan Foo Senior Advisor @ Temasek

Elizabeth Barelli ex-Head Digital Marketing @ Medium

Michael Von Schlippe Partner @ PMG

Greg Chambers ex-Global Director @ Coca Cola

Doron Reuveni CEO @ Applause