ViValid ICO


ViValid is decentralized, a community-driven ledger of collectibles that contains the history of value and ownership.

ICO Details

Starting date
July 16th, 2018
Ending date
October 14th, 2018
Token Sale Hard Cap
$ 27 500 000
Token Sale Soft Cap
$ 4 100 000
Presale Start Date
May 21st, 2018
Presale End Date
June 17th, 2018
Token Symbol
Token Type
ERC20, Ethereum
Token Distribution
70% will be sold during the token sales. It represents the total token supply for pre-sale and main sale.
15% will be part of the ViValid reserve to ensure the success of the ViValid project, developing and improving the service and offering community driven promotions and initiatives. Tokens are locked for three years with 1/3 vest each year.
10% will be held by the company, distributed to development team and contributors. These tokens will be locked up for one year.
5% will be used for the ViValid ecosystem to guarantee the liquidity of the operational pool. The pool serves the purpose of reserve used in unlike event of a demand for ViV tokens considerably surpassing supply within ViValid internal micro-exchange. Tokens in this pool will never be available for sale on the free market and are not meant to be traded. Tokens from that pool will be locked for two years to the end of a ViValid developing process.
Initial Token Price
1 ViV = 0.20 USD
Participation Restrictions

ViValid is a service that can help you assess the worth of your valuables in a fully objective and professional way. The treasures you have found, the valuables you collect, and even the things hiding in your garage and basement, such as limited-edition sneakers, can make you a sound profit if properly evaluated. Normally, you would have to either do extensive research - which won't guarantee you reliable results - or turn to a random pawn shop owner, who obviously has an interest in offering a lower price than you deserve. ViValid removes such obstacles. Our system is community driven and therefore stripped of potential ulterior motives. You only need to take pictures of your valuables and send them to ViValid for a preliminary assessment and validation of their potential value. Your query requires only one small fee. You will receive competent and objective opinions from several experts and collectors for a fraction of the usual cost of such services. Evaluators will be randomly but intelligently selected from members of the ViValid community to provide you with a truly independent assessment of your collectibles. In addition, our – “Proof of Validation Protocol” will ensure that the evaluation you receive is reliable. Additionally, ViValid opens an opportunity to create the first decentralized, immutable, and, therefore, trustworthy, community-driven ledger of collectibles that contains the history of their value and ownership changes.

We also offer you the unique opportunity to earn money while doing something you love by becoming one of our validators. If you are a passionate collector who knows a thing or two about your field of interest, we want to hear from you. You can start as a first-tier validator, and progress through five tiers, with each subsequent tier more exclusive than the previous. If you are correct in assessing the worth of presented valuables over time, you will be promoted to the second and third tiers. The first three levels are community driven and anonymous whereas the fourth and fifth tiers are exclusive and only for proven experts. The higher you are on the ladder, the more you can earn and the less you will have to work.

ViValid is a highly advanced service built on blockchain technology, where all transactions are performed in ViV tokens. This eliminates the costs of exchange rate differences, expensive banking services, and the need for transfers between countries. As soon as you register, you are provided with a crypto wallet that stores ViV tokens. Your tokens will allow you to maintain the price of the service at a constant and unchanging level despite the variability of token pricing. We do not require that you have any prior knowledge of how the market of cryptocurrencies works. ViValid is an integrated micro-exchange that automatically removes all the inconveniences of dealing with crypto. If you want to have an object evaluated, simply – use either PayPal or your credit card, and we'll do the rest. You no longer have to search through guides, look for Internet auctions, or visit experts. ViValid is a completely transparent service with traceable contracts that can be reviewed at any time.

Core Team

Emilian Semczak
CEO, Founder

Sebastian Zerniak
COO, Founder

Daniel Zaczyk
CFO, Founder

Adam Komorowski
Technical Team Manager

Igor Solodovnik
Head of Legal

Marius Kunigas
Legal Consultant

Adam Machnicki
Tech Lead

Piotr Chacinski
Project Manager

Fares Antonio Akel
Smart Contract Developer

Damian Panecki
Project Consultant

Wojciech Skowronski
Project Consultant

Henrik Kromann
Collectors Community Liaison